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New message pop-up box alert, quick filter New message pop-up box alert, quick filter
Bank security to ensure that the organization data security Icon Bank security to ensure organizational data security

Bank security, Ensur data security

Using multiple encryption techniques, Intelligent Redundancy Guarantee Technology

Top Anti-garbage Defense Virus, Safety Guarantee of Every Link

The safest mail system in the industry has passed the information security certification of the State Secret Administration

Telecom class high reliability Icon Telecommunication level high reliability

High Reliability of Telecom Level, Super large scale and efficient concurrency

Distributed architecture, Flexible three-level cache technology

Integrated Configuration Management System, Reasonable database partition design technology, etc.

The only product in China that can provide solutions for Telecom-grade super-large-capacity mail system

Multi terminal access Icon Multi terminal access

Multi-terminal access, mobile office, free travel

Support multi-dimensional mobile access, send and receive mail anytime and anywhere

Support mail, address book, schedule cloud real-time synchronization, take you into the new era of mobile office

Advanced custom icon Advanced customization

Advanced customization, Integration and operations services

Thousands of development team, 10 years of email technology and operation and maintenance experience precipitation

Supporting the rapid integration of business systems with various industries and helping enterprises to realize the integration of information systems

Centralized expert Icon Centralized expert

Centralized experts, highly mature data migration

Improving the security, stability and maintainability of the whole system

For various mail systems on the market, realize smooth migration of multi-dimensional data